"Letting Wen's words into my soul
has changed my life. " 

Carmen R. S.,
Author & Coach


Your inner compass guided you here.
If this feels good to you,
you will allow yourself to float with that settled decision, and then, when you are ready you'll choose to schedule a consultation call.

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For the souls who are ready for their deepest healing.  So that they can live like miracles in motion!

My private clients go all in. Backing themselves and their decision
to fully trust themselves. 

This 3-month healing container is
your stream of grace,
where you are nourished, cared for and supported
by ALL of who you are. 

Investment starts at $9,000


Mmm, to relish the delicious inner life that flows, oh so divinely from
your secret reservoir.

The supple wave that welcomes your heart to un-dam your desires.

This immersive experience has done everything from, rocketing business strategies, to aligning investment goals,  and healing generational anxiety.

Tailored to your unique lived-experiences, these retreat days are limited. So, if you feel the intuitive nudge, schedule a consultation call.  

Investment starts at $2,500  

Schedule a
consultation call


Just like a mango tree is not meant to be a honey bee,

the "meant to be" coding of your soul
will keep craving the reflection of who you are and what you deeply desire, into your every day reality
(i.e. the plumped-up money, the tender love etc..)

But many of us have been taught to hitchhike our joy, based on someone else's evaluation of who we are. 

And so, we try oh so hard, to NOT be who we were made, who we were DNA-coded and designed to be.

if you want an experience in your life,
and you know this IS who you were meant to be - that's more than enough reason for you to GET it.

In this comprehensive course, I will teach you how to listen to your divine inner wisdom and to integrate the practices that put you into direct contact with the results you want to experience in your life.

You are most welcome to your
divine homecoming.

Investment starts at $1,100 

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Financial freedom turbocharges
our lives.
 And healing our relationship with money, ripens the dignity in us that gets us closer to living life on our OWN terms.

Before devoting my life to helping women finally come home to peace with themselves and create the freedom to live life on their OWN terms,
at 21 years old, I started my professional life in the corporate world of investment and banking.

That initiation helped me to build a healthy relationship with money; a “gift” I never had access to until my twenties, when on blind faith, I opened a money healing vortex,
inside of myself.

And with seedlings of this financial healing, I found the deep courage to heal my inner child.

 You too can become YOUR freedom,
 your RELIEF.


Investment starts at $ 750 

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