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"Letting Wen's words into my soul has changed my life.  
Her joy is palpable and hard won.  They inspire me to trust myself more and to trust that voice more"


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"Reading this book was like a second-wind experience. I felt excited about doing ’the work’. I felt excited about possibilities."



Carmen R. Smith, Author and Editor

Elise Smith, Podcast host – How to disappoint your mother. 

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"Peetes writes with compassion and understanding, not just offering support but enlisting readers in the act of it. Inner Child Healing backs up that claim on every page."



"Wen's book is a practical and personal encouragement for growth through trauma.  Learning to love yourself when you have been hurt is hard work!"



Cheryl Espinosa-Jones, Therapist

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About the book

It's time to trash the lies you’re tempted to believe, as a trauma survivor!

You are not worthless, you are not too damaged, and you are never too old to heal.
It's time to reclaim your power!
You were born worthy of living the life you love.

If you’re stuck in believing you’ll never heal from negative experiences, if you’re on your healing journey already, or if you simply dream of feeling good about yourself, Inner Child Healing is your Spring.

This self-reflective guide to overcoming trauma teaches:

  • How Wen Peetes went from being flattened by the shame of childhood sexual and physical abuse to living her dreams.

  • How to trade fear for hope and keep fighting as Warriors for your healing, your freedom!

  • How to overcome feelings of low self-worth and negative thoughts, how to set boundaries, and how to speak up for yourself.

  • How to stop self-criticism, break-up with self-doubt forgive yourself, and become the love of your life.

Whoever you are, Gladiator of Inner Healing: if you are fed up with being stuck in the cycle of trauma, this book is for you!

About the author

WEN PEETES is a coach, mentor and speaker who helps driven women to finally come home to peace with themselves and the freedom to live life on their OWN terms. With her popular Instagram @rebelforaspell, Wen continues to expand her reach through her daily content and by sharing tools of transformation with tailored offerings including, meditations, her private coaching program (Born Divinely Worthy), her Joy Retreat and her online course (the Joy Momentum). Wen is also a songwriter, singer and a producer, releasing the album Woman Empowered under her moniker Wendy St. Kitts and singles under Violins For Milk.

As a survivor of childhood trauma and abuse, Wen found herself trying to break free from the negative cycle that left her feeling stuck, helpless, and hopeless. Through a series of life-changing events, she found the courage to embrace her darkest secret and the resilience to turn pain into purpose.

In this self-reflective book, Wen gently encourages you to address past childhood trauma wounds and adverse experiences that may cause you to doubt your worth. You may recognize the lasting impact of negative experiences on your relationships with others and yourself. You, too, can become the co-creator of the life you never want to run away from, by becoming the fullest expression of yourself: feeling whole, confident, and peacefully free to live a vibrant authentic life.

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