Learn the Principles of JOY Cultivation and start experiencing the steady, ease-full inflow of  life-pleasures you deeply desire.

JOY MOMENTUM is an immersive and comprehensive online course, where I teach you the precise framework that I personally use everyday, to keep building my "exception to the rules life", - on repeat -

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As a Gladiator of Grace, who has defied the odds, again and again,
my business Rebel For A Spell,  unhatched. 
And as I expanded my belief in my purpose, by helping and more more brave gorgeous souls,
I was called to offer this love-soaked online course to you!

I Want this

Investment starts at $ 1,100  

You see, about 20 years before knowing what neuroscience has now proven, I stumbled on a
refreshing, live-giving new way to BE; when I self-healed from childhood trauma. 
I became JOY-ED UP!! And steadily, this joy scaffolded every aspect of my life.
Soon, I was teaching this 2-way-liberation, to my private clients,
so that they too could experience what joy tastes like.  

You too can learn and can master this  “exception to the rules life”
and in a way the feeeeels
lovingly paced to YOUR rhythm.
Like many of my dear clients, 
who have healed self-doubt (after years of nerve trampling anxiety and generational trauma),
who are experiencing soul-mate-love,
and who have built
"feels-like-home," money. 

How Can You Get A Taste Of YOUR Joy-Life?

     * By tuning in and tapping into your intuitive whispers. And by integrating repeatable practices that you can TRUST to support you, even on days you're feeling frazzled.

* By gracefully flowing with  "this is who I was made to be" energy, and so, you keep building the DIGNITY and the knowing that it's safe to want what you want, because YOU want it.

* Building joy-felt everyday that's quenched by your secret fuel, that GETS you to taste the "good life" - where you wake up knowing that YOU MAKE SENSE.

* Celebrating + Inspiring generational LIBERATION,  seeded by your gall to believe in your GREATNESS. 

When you enroll, here's what you also get:

*6 Life-Giving Modules

*Over 180 minutes of training   

*Printable Workbooks for each module,
to guide your absorption of the lessons - bringing your mind, heart and
cells on board

*Printable Worksheets with exercises for each module,
to fully integrate the lessons and
your many aha-moments

*2 Bonus integration video exercises


Reviews from Clients


"Wen can relate to me. She understands trauma. She lived it and was able to overcome it. 

Wen helped me see my worth and my value.

Wen is someone you can trust, who doesn’t judge you. You will feel safe and comfortable being yourself, with Wen."    

Taneka S.
Entrepreneur, Accountant


"Wen is the bomb!

She gives you the steps and the tangible approaches to figure out how you can move forward. I feel Wen’s belief in me, and it is propelling. She has helped me to trust myself.

Don’t think about not working with Wen.
She is going to help get the results you need.

Wen brings her whole spirit and her whole self to the table. She focuses on you and your unique experiences, giving you deeper healing solutions."

Camen R.S.
Author & Coach

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